Build data analysis tools incredibly fast

Skip struggling with coding. Save time and effort by easily building reusable data analysis tools.

No code interface to build programmer-like powerful tools

Data is never the way we want it. Without any coding knowledge, easily build tools to manipulate your data to the way you need it. Use data manipulation methods typically only accessible by programmers.

Build a tool once and reuse it on various data sets

Tired of opening a spreadsheet editor, clicking and manipulating your data, and only to repeat the same tedious data manipulation steps on a 2nd and 3rd file (or 100s more files)? With Dashflows, build a tool once to perform the data manipulation for you. Then reuse your tool on the 2nd, 3rd and so on files.

Manipulate popular data files, fetch JSON or scrape web pages

Works with Excel, CSV (comma separated values), JSON, or text files. Advanced users can fetch JSON by provding a URL or scrape a web page for datasets.

Try real world tools right now

Shopify E-commerce

Highest grossing items and most sales

Titanic Passenger List

Pivot tables for survival rate, sum and ticket class by gender

Web Scrape

Extract a list of NBA players from a webpage

JSON Web Fetch

Fetch a JSON with cryptocurrency prices and data

How Dashflows work

Flows (or tools) are made up of actions to manipulate your data. Actions consist of data pivot, regex replace, formula, filter, conditional delete, and more. Search through the growing actions library and arrange powerful actions to analyze your data. Build your flow in a matter of seconds by clicking, selecting actions and manipulating.

Create a flow once and reuse it on different iterations of your data. Modify it anytime to accommodate data structure changes. Analyze using one flow or dive deep into specifics by using multiple flows.

Automatically up-to-date

Watch how your data changes as you work on your flow. Data results from every action are automatically up-to-date after any changes to the flow. Scroll through your flow to make changes or view individual data results from each action.

Action parameters enable you to customize how certain actions works. Parameters are dynamically updated with only valid options based on your data results throughout your flow.

Visualize with live charts

Quickly and easily analyze your data visually in a chart. The chart is linked to the data results and will simultaneously be updated.

Explore your data with various chart types. Scroll with your mouse wheel to zoom into your chart data.

Your Data Privacy

We do not keep your dataset on Dataflows.

When using Dashflows, your tool processes the data on our server. Your data is automatically deleted from our servers after your flow session expires.

Your data is only used when you perform your data analysis.

The flows that you build and their parameter values are stored on our server and can be deleted anytime.

Start analyzing your data with Dashflows