Social Network BI - CXO Dashboard

With Mobile device sales outpacing PC sales 2-to-1, understanding how your customers are interacting with your company and your products is critical. Where are they getting purchasing recommendations, and what other social discussions are factored in when they select a vendor? Understanding what your organization’s overall experience looks helps your clients experience your products and services better as well.

DashFlows integrates tools from leading social data services so that you can drill-down on:

i) what is being said about you within the social internet

  • about your company
  • about your products
  • about your competition

ii) what your organizations’ Social Experience looks like to customers ( Ask about our CXO Dashboard )

These capabilities are critical for:


Listen everywhere. Connect authentically. Move faster.

In today’s social and mobile world, businesses need to move faster and share knowledge more broadly than ever before. They also need to connect to customers on their terms, which increasingly means getting on social networks and understanding strengths and weaknesses.

DashFlows enables your sales, service, and marketing teams to deliver amazing customer experiences by empowering them with social tools built right into DashFlows Dashboard drill-downs.

Get started today. Request your Workshop and we’ll discuss your options – socially speaking.