Dashflows, a leading network security firm, has been developing and utilizing a wide variety of tools that project your business without hindering your IT settings. The greatest risk in our industries today is internal hacking. Internal, coming from within–employees, colleagues, associates, friends. The days of being on the same subnet with no access controls between workstation and servers will be over; mostly internal security is often given a lesser priority, placed on the back burner while the perimeter is being fortified.

Dashflows network security consultants follow the recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology for IT Risk Management Analysis. Follows a structure and methodology for stake analysis, after, by a threat mitigation process. Includes cost benefit options and strategic approach for controlled implementation.


This assessment process includes identification and evaluation of these intimidations and impact; recommendation of measures to minimize risks. In assessing hazards in an IT system, define fore mostly the scope of the effort then identify systems boundaries along with the resources and information taht constitute the technical environment.

As a network security consulting firms, our first step is to collect system-related information, which is usually classified as follows:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • System interfaces (e.g., internal and external connectivity)
  • Data and information
  • Person who support and use the IT system
  • System mission (e.g., the processes performed by the IT system)
  • System and data criticality (e.g., the system’s value or importance to the court)
  • System and data sensitivity.

Additional information related to the environmental of the IT system and its data includes, but not limited to:

  • The functional requirements of the IT system
  • Users who provide technical support
  • Clients who use the IT system to perform Court functions
  • System security policies governing the IT system and its architecture

Any of or a combination of the following techniques will be used in gathering information relevant to the IT system within its operational boundary:

  • Questionnaire

For the collection of relevant information concerning the management and function. Would be distributed to the applicable technical and non technical personnel supporting the innovative arrangement. This could also be used on area visits and interviews.

  • On site Interviews
System support and management personnel are interviewed for risk assessment. (e.g., how the system is operated and managed).
Analyzing threat to an IT setting, includes a study of the vulnerabilities to demonstrate system weakness that may exploited, a potential jeopardy.
There are different types existing failing points and the methods needed to determine whether these flaws are present, usually vary depending on the nature of IT environment. Our risk assessment personnel identifies whether the safety requisite stipulated for the IT system Are being met. In a niche industry, we make use of the manufacturing specific network security assessment but for most company, an IT Security Audit is performed.
We use security requirements checklist containing the basic protective standards taking in technical and non-technical methods.