No need to “boil the ocean” when a DashFlows Dashboard can put your house in order today. DashFlows has a Dashboard for your Department or Division, that works with your current system; and lets leadership teams thrive whether you are in Finance, Operations, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, or the President’s office.

All departments have specific measures of performance designed to ensure every project and team are contributing to Business Plan targets that Improve Operations and Improve Financials.

From department to department, the KPIs may differ – Warehouse Capacity, Employee Satisfaction, Change, Compliance, Profitability, etc. – and all Key Indicators of Performance (KPIs) are measured, reported to staff and supervisors daily, weekly and monthly for roll-up and drill-down as you need.

DashFlows Dashboards keep your business running at its giving individual contributors, managers and executive alike, visibility to workflow trends, so that your entire organization can troubleshoot and meet milestones reliably. We work toward a time when you’ll struggle to recall times gone by when target “surprises” were a fact of life in business.