DashFlows are Business Intelligence experts trained to leverage your corporate ERP and Tools investment. Our BI Analytics Approach makes sense of your enterprise workflows and data – regardless of what level of automation or manual process you use – and our Working Teams make sense by leveraging what you have now, so no need for additional FTE staff or ongoing support and contract overhead.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our leading expertise in managing organizational performance means that DashFlows can help you create business intelligence data and reporting that summarize actionable metrics with your workflows – regardless of what they look like. We help you to identify the best raw business KPIs that you can leverage to achieve well communicated targets for your business.

DashFlows provides solutions tailored to business needs by leveraging best-in-class tools and extremely powerful best-practices. Our Dashboards plug into your existing enterprise management systems whenever its appropriate.

Dashflows develops solutions for clients, ranging from financial analysis, portfolio management, resource management, dashboard reporting, and work group collaboration. Our expertise is in ensuring that your intelligence consultant is right for your business and technology needs.

Many businesses face issues in their business management information systems, from solutions which have become obsolete, or manual, repetitive processes. This is where a data integration company like DashFlows comes in. We can show you how data can be pulled from multiple sources, including multiple enterprise management sources, consolidated and analyzed, in a holistic Chief Performance Officer approach.

The Business Intelligence (BI) consultants at Dashflows use Six-Sigma, PMBOK & SDLC methodology to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control, while using  the 4C’s to collect, consolidate, condense, and communicate – as we optimize work flows and provide the vital information to enable executives and working teams to make informed decisions. Our substantial business process experience and broad technical skills to provide our clients with an optimal solution. Our consultants also look for ways to develop businesses and operations best possible solutions that don’t distract teams from operational duties as well. As a leading BI consulting company, Dashflows transfers skills and knowledge to your team members and offers additional training and skill development, or provides ongoing service and support  as required.