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Amazing Benefits Roll out your Cloud,  Integrate your Dashboards - Transform your Business

How do you measure performance today? 

In the past, many large and mid-sized companies relied on scorecards and budget targets to run their business. Scorecards are now "Dashboards" - and you would be surprise just how many you have at work already - scattered throughout your company - in ERP systems, in finance, in Marketing tools, Call Centers, selling & project status reports,. At DashFlows, we consolidate thaose measures, we confirm that you are measuring your important workflows consistently, and then we give every manager a chance to improve your client experience and bottom line ... 

Strategic Decision Support DashFlows Dashboards extrapolate.and give your managers the cnance to figure out their targets.
Fully Integrates into your systems
Minimal new software investment and support.
Budget & Operations Trending Never be surprised at year end again. !
Informative and Experienced Your workshop will level-set you for success.

Business Performance Managed

By examining your prioritized workflows in detail, we build a Business Transformation Roadmap that will make your enterprise flexible, scalable, and reliabily meet its targets.

  • We target 20% improvements in finance and operations.
  • Leverage existing Dashboards from tools and various functional areas.
  • Technology Agnostic - DashFlows Dashboards integrate.
  • Case studies from MIT prove it. Call today for your booklet.
  • It all begins with a workshop. Call today for your peer review.

DashFlows Dashboards bi & Analytics Many desktop publishing packages and web page editors now use lipsum

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    Glen Lincoln

    Big Data, BI Architect, Data Scientist I

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    Darlene Aja

    Business Analyst and Project Coordinator extraordinaire.

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    Edward Tilley

    Once we received our first standing ovation from Hewlett-Packard’s executive team, we were hooked. DashFlows’ Dashboard gave context to a previously mundane Service Delivery report that their $1.5 billion annual customer, CIBC Mellon Bank, could not do without. Now there were drill-downs, impact and exception explanations. We were WoWed !!

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    Marison Avasty

    Dashboard Designer

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    Accounting Lead

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    Business Process & Program Management


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