Cloud Computing  is a top IT trend for very good reason. An expertly implemented, mature cloud management strategy can reduce server spending by up to 50% in ongoing costs – and reduce your time-to-deploy down from months or weeks – to minutes. Stop deploying server-by-server; start deploying entire environments – and then re-use all of that capacity as soon as its not needed again; over configure your next new system roll-out – and then take back and re-use all of the extra capacity easily. Build it yourself in a Private Cloud – or leverage the world with a Hybrid Cloud and use CloudBursting capabilities to easily grow and shrink your infrastructure just in time. For an average large corporation with 10,000 servers, that can be a $250 million 5 year NPV savings easily.

Dashflows are the cloud experts who have been delivering Cloud and FP50 Managed Services for 15 years – well ahead of the trend and well ahead of the newcomers that we see emerging in the marketplace today. Do your services meet your needs? Do you want to position your organization to leverage leading technology and avoid mistakes? Which toolsets and solutions are better or more cost effective than others? We recognized early on the significant impact that cloud computing would have and we can show you in just an hour why your organization deserves a

Dashflows offers expert services ranging from IT strategy, planning, development, and Cloud implementation capabilities and can support you on to broader organizational transformation initiatives. In addition to converting traditional services to make them “cloud ready,” we already are helping clients to conduct uncomplicated readiness assessments and Proof of Concept Test Case evaluations as well – to position them for success.

In helping our industry develop the business case for mission-critical Cloud Systems investment, DashFlows is helping clients “make the case” for migrating to the cloud. Dashflows’ strategic planning is especially ready to assist federal agencies and corporations in uncovering the drivers, key considerations, and other important factors in order to aid in choosing the tools and services needed during their migration to cloud computing.

Our Capabilities

From the beginning, Dashflows has genuinely advocated cloud computing as a viable option to meet a variety of mission challenges, from spurring greater innovation to developing the latest collaboration and data sharing initiatives that are very critical for supporting the greatest overseas contingency operations. We significantly offer our government clients the following services in this major transformative area:

  • Cloud Strategy and Planning.

We act and serve as trusted advisors in areas encompassing portfolio management, transition planning and sequencing, return on investment (ROI) and risk management assessment, cloud policy consulting, cloud governance policies, cloud data strategies, technology forecasting, and other related strategic service areas.

  • Cloud Application Development.

We enormously support the development, deployment, and management of applications in the cloud as well as the re-engineering of legacy systems, data management, application and service integration.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Services.

We extremely provide infrastructure assessment and analysis, design consultation, and private cloud implementations.

  • Cloud Security Services.

We render a full range of security solutions for the certification and accreditation of cloud solutions, identity management, cloud segmentation, security audits, application and data obfuscation, and security integration.

  • Cloud Business Value Analysis.

We make available the Total Cost of Ownership, estimating and economic analysis of alternatives to sustain the selection of cloud development and implementation strategies.