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Cyber Security

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Artificial Intelligence Dashboards

Improve Finance Improve Operations Dashboard your WorkFlows; Compare your competition

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Big Data &
Cyber Security

Where is the profit or risk in all of that information? Social Media, transactional data, Security.

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Gardiner's #1 IT trend can save most FP500 enterprises $100 mm annually. How can you leverage and compete?

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Governance & Strategy

Service Management, Compliance & Governance

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About DashFlows

DashFlows are Business Transformation Experts that map out your Business, Dashboard your Workflows, and meet set targets. A Dashboard is just a screen of dials until it is mapped to a process that will Improve Finances and Improve Operations, we'll touch on this in our first workshop. Contact us today to get started !

  •  Improve Finances
  • Involve Management & Staff
  •  20% more Profitable
  • Communicate Well
  •  Improve Operations
  •  Business Transformation Roadmaps
  •  20% More Productive
  •  Improve your Client Experience

Meet Your Team


John Frances

Data Scientist & BI Analytics Lead


Lucia Penelope

Business Analyst / Project Manager

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Why Choose Us?


Our Phd-level leads begin with fire-hardened process that scales up or down to your enterprise.

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Cost Effective

We cost vs benefit everything and transparent-trace our work to just your approved needs & targets.

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Low Risk

Minimal retooling; reasonable service contracts; terrific support; highest sustainability.

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DashFlows Dashboards, Cloud, and Big Data all begin with a workshop.  Call and book your Workshop today.

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